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New Mother Foothill Felines Madolyn of Baju Bengals with her beautiful 2 day old kittens.

Mother and 2 Day Old Kitten

"Your grandbabies wish to send you their latest photos - I've been having a heyday here! They are so darling I can't keep my hands and kisses off them. At least these babies will be very familiar with being handled and they will also adjust quite easily to the sight of dogs; Sophie and Neiko are not allowed near them at this point however - they've been exiled to the back porch. The weather is very hot here so the hounds are actually enjoying their new "pad." Holly, there are some precious shots I've taken of the new litter that I just had to share with you - hope you find a good use for them on the web section you mentioned - or just enjoy them. I do think there might be some you may use though - people who have seen them absolutely MELTED including myself. Thank you again for all the help, encouragement and sage advice on caring for Madolyn. I've avoided cow's milk, and have found that it is healthier and less expensive to provide her with human meats which she enjoys much more than Iams canned kitten food - she won't touch it. Albacore tuna was a big hit - especially with country chicken gravy. (She isn't spoiled you know....)"

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