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Fourth Kitten of four in the litter being born inside its protective embryonic casing.

Being Born

On June 21, 2002, Foothill Felines Madolyn of Baju Bengals and Raider of Baju Bengals delivered Baju Bengals' first litter of beautiful Bengal kittens. The photos and comments from Judy Brodland and her husband Bart were so very lovely and intimate that we wanted to share them with you in our special new website section entitled THE MIRACLE OF BIRTH.

"Hi Holly; Guess how we ushered in the first day of summer??? "Little Girl" (aka Madolyn) had her first babies - 4 of them! Two girls and 2 boys, all spotted. One female has the deep orange beauty of her mother as well as her sweet, charming personality that was evident within minutes of birth. As expected, Madolyn, in classic Foothill Felines form, was an outstanding mother and is attentive and devoted to her kittens. She had no problems, nor do the babies exhibit a hint of weakness or the slightest distress; all are strong and very vigorous. One little boy is very temperamental and sounds off like a howler monkey if you pull him away from the food line! (He inherited that from his Daddy Raider of course, NOT Foothill Felines..... :)"

"Madolyn is producing milk and the babies are latching on with determination. I have hand fed her homemade fried chicken with country chicken gravy - she loves that. We are enjoying waiting on our new momma hand and foot and were so excited to share this with you. Thank you for allowing us to adopt this spectacular female (Madolyn). We love her so much and are sliding with ease into the role of "Bengal Grandparents!"

"Above, Madolyn is giving birth to her fourth and final baby; we didn't catch the first 3 with the camera. PS - A hilarious footnote to this is that I frantically pulled on my pants and ran out to the patrol car to grab the digital camera while Bart watched over Madolyn. We wanted to catch as much as we could on film. Later, when things calmed down after all the babies were out and dried, and we were certain she was finished birthing, Bart looked at me and smiled. He said, "Honey, you have your pants on inside out..."

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